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Laser Grade Testing Facility                                                 On-Site and FAA Approved

ON-SITE TESTING: American Airman and Heritage Flight Academy offer Affordable and Efficient Computer Based Testing for all Federal Aviation Administration Exams at our secure and comfortable testing center.  The majority of our attendees participate in our full course programs and some participate in individual courses designed specifically to meet their needs. Below are a list of the written exams available for testing at the completion of your course.

The A&P Mechanic Course Written Exams:

  1. AM-G: Aviation Mechanic General: The aviation mechanic general knowledge test contains 50 questions, and you are allowed 1.5 hours to complete the test.  Passing Score is 70%.
  2. AM-A: Aviation Mechanic Airframe: The aviation mechanic airframe test contains 100 questions, and you are allowed 2 hours to the test. The passing Score is 70%.
  3. AMP: Aviation Mechanic Powerplant: The aviation mechanic powerplant test contains 100 questions, and you are allowed 2 hours to complete the test. The passing Score is 70%.

The Inspection Authority (IA) Course:

  1. Inspection Authorization Knowledge Test: All test questions are the objective, multiple-choice type. The test contains 50 questions, numbered 1 through 50. Each question can be answered by the selection of a single response. Each test question is independent of other questions; therefore, a correct response to one does not depend upon, or influence the correct response to another. The maximum time allowed for the test is 3 hours and the minimum passing score is 70%. 

The FCC Radiotelephone Operators License with Radar Endorsement Course:

  1. ELEMENT 1: 24 Question Test dealing with FCC Rules and Regulations
  2. ELEMENT 3: 76 Question Test dealing with FCC Technical Subjects
  3. ELEMENT 8: 100 Question Test dealing with Radar Technical Areas

American Airman will submit all documents to the FCC on your behalf.  You will receive your license in the mail from the FCC in less than a month!

You can read all about testing requirements and other important facts in detail at our (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions Link.

CONTACT US TODAY: We are here to answer all your questions and guide you in the process of realizing your dream of achieving a career in Aviation.  Contact us to learn more about all that American Airman and Heritage Flight Academy has to offer or to enroll in the one of our courses at 800.786.9060, or by sending an email, info@americanairman.com. Please take a moment to complete our on-line application questionnaire.


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